Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm Hanging out at Joyful Times Today

Writing, for me, is an outlet for 
my very deepest emotions.

Maybe you've missed my Seeking Jesus blog, or maybe you forgot about it. 
Either way, I thought I'd let you know where I'm hanging out these days.

Since grade school when I bought my first diary, I found putting a pen 
to paper helped me to get in touch with my feelings easier than talking 
about them. Then when I became a follower of Jesus, I used prayer journals 
as a way to touch base best with the Lord of my life. Journals have taken 
over a few shelves in my bedroom bookshelf, but I rarely re-read them 
since there is always something new waiting to be written or read.

Several years ago I began blogging my soul-thoughts this little blog post 
called Seeking Jesus. That led me to write for other websites, and finally 
starting my own, JoyfulTimesToday  with my partners Kendell Lang and 
Lisa Jander.

I hope you'll join me over there where I write these articles plus others 
when time permits. Click on these to see some of the articles: 

We also have eight intern writers (and are always looking for more!) who 
write articles about everything that will encourage you in your faith-walk.

I won't be writing new articles for Seeking Jesus at this point, but will pull some of the best over to Joyful Times Today.

I hope you join me and sign up for the newsletter there (top left with a bright green banner).

With love as I seek Jesus,

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