Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 3, 2012

Be my rock of refuge,
to which I can always go;
give the command to save me,
for you are my rock and my fortress.
Psalm 71:3


I have been blessed with many friends over the years and each of them is there for a purpose. Some are forever friends; others are there for just a season. Some are faithful and others not so much. It hurts when I find an unfaithful friend but I move on quickly so I don’t allow the negatives to fill me with hurt and resentment. Each of my good friends have special qualities that I appreciate and can go to when I need someone to rejoice with me, pray with me or help me find a solution to a problem. Sometimes these are “in-life” friends and other times they are Internet friends who I feel extremely close to.

There is one friend who I go to with everything, my Refuge, my Rock. He never fails me, always has a perfect plan and never ever lets me down. His love for me is unconditional and nothing I do will make Him become fickle and stop being my friend. Jesus is my Forever Friend.


Spend some outside time today and look for a rock that you can set next to your computer. It can be any size, any shape or any color. If you want, you can write a verse or word on it. When you feel alone, when you need a perfect refuge, let the rock serve as a visual reminder that the Lord is your Rock, your refuge and your Fortress.


Thank you Lord for loving me so unconditionally. Thank you for being my refuge and fortress, for being absolutely everything I need.

Trusting the Lord,

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