Wednesday, July 29, 2015

God's Plan: A Future With Hope

God has amazing and unique plans for each of us. The plans He has for me don't look like the ones He has for you. We are all created differently, so of course, it makes sense His plans will be different for us. Rest in the fact that God is in charge and will work things out for our good.

However, the enemy of our soul will do everything he can to gang up on us with his evil army by causing us to compare and complain, taking our eyes off the Lord.  We will be tempted to wonder about God's actions in our life, and why He's taking so long to reveal certain plans.

When plans don't work out as fast as we'd like, satan likes to disrupt our lives by bringing negativity into our minds. And he sometimes uses other people to wreck some of the havoc, not just our own negative thoughts. Remember this: anything that brings glory to God, is part of satan's battlefield. 

As I plan, satan whispers so much negativity about my dream of serving the Lord that I am certain he knows there will be lives changed, including my own. And so, I pray often for the Lord to take over and guide my steps as I seek to share Jesus with the people I come in contact with. God has a plan and satan does not get to mess it up!

My lesson learned and advice to you now is this:
  • Keep your eyes on the Lord and in His word. 
  • Don't become derailed by looking at other people.  
  • Refuse to allow jealousy, bitterness, and envy to take residence in your heart. 
  • While you're waiting for God to reveal His plans, serve Him and others.
  • Pray. Pray. And pray!

Becky Capps
Founder of Trust in the Lord and a lot more great Facebook pages :)


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