Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weakness and Strength

While munching popcorn and watching the movie 'What If…' one day, I found some surprise inspiration in a few places, and thought provoking ideas in others. The movie is a fictional account of a man who was given a glimpse into what his life could have been, with an angel overseeing his journey. One thing he said that hit home was this:

 “My greatest weakness 

is God’s greatest strength.”

Oh, have my greatest weaknesses been used by the Lord for His glory as He shows me His strength and pushed me to go on when I didn't want to.

Those words in the movie brought a flood of memories to my heart. God has used me in more and more opportunities to share my troublesome times in life to encourage others. Because I am weak, I have learned to lean on Him  because He is strong.

So, I think it's time for us to all come before God in humility, asking Him to use our weaknesses, all for His glory. He will show you great things that He can do if you allow Him to move in your life.

Trust Him with all of your heart to work in your life, using everything you are.

Much love from me to you!


Becky Capps

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