Sunday, December 28, 2014

Seeking Jesus

The Daily TAP has a brand new name for a brand new year:  
Seeking Jesus!

When I first began blogging a few years ago, I posted every day for nine months. Then I changed to 6 days a week, and later, weekly. Then I nearly stopped all together because I ran out of time.

Since I'm finishing up my degree in Christian Ministries, I found my time is so much more limited, so the word 'daily' was frustrating me. So I mostly stopped writing, which frustrated you! So I found an easy solution: a new name!

For ten years I've prayed about, and then picked, one special word to concentrate on for the new year.  Past words include trust, wait, love, joy, commit and abide. For 2015, my selected word for the year is SEEK. I feel the word seek is applicable to my life right now as I seek God's perfect will, seek His plans for my life, and seek His wisdom in everyday life situations.

So . . . "Seeking Jesus" is the perfect name for my blog. Rather than starting new with a different blog address, and losing many readers, I kept it easy by just changing the title. I hope it's not confusing!

I also hope my blog posts will encourage you in your spiritual walk as you seek Jesus in your life.

My first encouragement blog will be on January 1, but I normally will not have a set schedule for them . . . you can simply be surprised!

Joyfully Seeking Jesus,


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