Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Time for Everything!

Welcome to my brand new year*! 365 days to fill up with all kinds of exciting opportunities, happy occasions, and joy-filled celebrations. There will no doubt be some unexpected times of sadness, sorrow, and frustrations too. Life’s just that way: a great big mixture of everything jumbled together like an old watch drawer. There’s this mixture of smiles and tears, grins and frowns, laughs and shouts, that all somehow work together in ways that I hope glorify God. And that is what I seek more than anything: to glorify Him.

Solomon shares in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there is a “time for everything and a time for every event under heaven.” And do you know what? I have a choice in the way I react to every event that comes my way.  I choose to accept them as learning opportunities.  After all, God isn’t going to allow anything to happen that He is not aware of.  God doesn’t take coffee breaks: He is never absent. He will always give me the wisdom I need when I ask for it (James 1:5). 

I’m going to embrace the New Year’s learning opportunities because I know God is in charge of every aspect of my life. Through the good and bad, He is there. Through the ups and downs, He is there.  Through everything, I am surrounded by His presence. I seek Him all day long and want to follow Him, not my own yearnings. This year, no matter what happens, good, bad, happy, sad, peaceful or turbulent, I will seek out scripture and the wisdom it offers me. I will seek to strengthen my prayer life. I will Seek Jesus.

A heart full of blessings to you,


*It’s your year too . . . how will you use it?

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