Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012

Ah, Sovereign Lord, You have made
the heavens and the earth by Your
great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.
Jeremiah 32:17


Several years ago, I questioned God. If You can create the heavens and the earth, why are You not helping me? If nothing is too hard for You, then why aren’t You answering my prayer? Am I praying selfishly or is my request totally out of Your will? And how do I know the difference? Do I keep waiting forever, change my prayer or give up? I had questions then, have had them over the years and have them still today. And God has shown me an answer in a simple way.

No matter where we are in our walk with the Lord, those questions quietly sneak into our thoughts at times. I use to feel guilty before the Lord when I questioned Him; then I studied Job in detail. That man questioned God more than David did, I think. I soon realized that it is okay to question God as long as I show respect, reverence and honesty. I now ask Him to help me understand His ways. And I ask Him a couple of questions when He is not answering a prayer request after a certain amount of time has gone by.

1. God, do You need to change my heart?
2. God, is my situation being used for Your glory?

These two questions have helped me immensely because God always answers these. Nothing is too hard for Him, but, just because I want something to happen, doesn’t mean it is best for me and the countless others who would be affected by my request.
Sometimes I’m vague in my writing in order to encourage others in their particular situation. But today I will be specific.

In 2010 I prayed that my income would be restored like it was pre-recession. God did not answer that prayer even though it would have been easy for Him to. So, I asked Him to change my heart. And He did. He redirected me, encouraging me to go back to college to get my degree in Social Work. On top of that, He enabled me to use free time I had never had available before, to begin my ministry “Trust in the Lord.” He even took people that were toxic out of my life so I could devote myself to both ministry and school. Had I been given my pre-recession income, which would mean a 40 hour work weeks and a lot of hectic days and stress, I would not have had time for either of the new directions God wanted me in. He showed me that His new direction was where He wants me to be right now.

Because God has a perfect will for our lives, He will orchestrate everything for our very best . . . and for His glory.


Be specific in your prayer requests. Don’t ask for a job, but ask for a particular job. If God does not answer you, ask Him the two questions. And wait for His answer. Trusting God for the best answer is liberating and gives us freedom from anxiety. Trusting Him is a life style that just can’t be beat.


Lord because I know nothing is too hard for you, I ask that You will answer my request for ____________. If my request does not line up with Your will for my life, please change my heart. And Lord, please teach me to be patient as I wait on You.

Trusting in Him,

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  1. Thanks, Becky. Sometimes trust is something easier said than done. It's easier to be impatient when prayers don't seem to be getting answered. I appreciate your daily trust reminders.

  2. Oh Diane, I hear you! It's that patient thing, isn't it?

  3. Becky, it may sound a little mean but I am so glad God didn't answer your prayer to restore your pre-recession income... i am so happy you were able to create and maintain this ministry it has been a blessing and a huge helping hand to me personally... Through you He has brought me answers. so I thank you and encourage you to keep doing this wonderful work you are doing... it is appreciated very much... you have helped save at least one soul...