Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 ~ Worried?

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?
Luke 12:25


I certainly know this verse well as they held me up in hope during some rough years when worry wanted to move into my life. I didn’t know then how much those times of utter dependence on God would have such an impact on my spiritual life. Without the trials I waded through, I would never have come to know how much I could trust the Lord. He showed me so many times that worry was not to be entertained because I was not trusting Him but trying to trust my instincts.  And my instincts don’t have the track record that the Lord has.

Sometimes we are unaware of the sneaky way worry enters our minds uninvited and begins building a home there. Worry darts in and out, nudging us gently, so we begin to feel comfortable with its presence. Before we are fully conscious, it has taken up residence, and we begin mulling issues over and over in our mind, probing at them like a jelly fish lying dead on the beach. And suddenly, we are aware: Worry is living in our hearts!

Worry does not belong to God: it is the property of satan. And in very clever ways, the enemy of God pushes worry, breaking into our minds like a thief in the night. The perfect peace and contentment we have when we are in our “trusting mode” is sabotaged, leaving us feeling hopeless.  However, we don’t need to despair: To our rescue comes the Holy Spirit who reminds us that God is in charge and will be every day of our lives.


It’s important to come to terms that worry is always going to be tossed at us. It is one of the robbers of joy and the enemy loves to destroy our joy. God promises to give us everything we need (not want!) so relax and let Him provide for you.  This does not mean to sit back and watch reruns of I Love Lucy.  But it does mean to know that God expects us to be ready and willing to be ready to move and follow His lead.

When we worry we are basically saying “I don’t trust You, Lord.” Ouch. 

Corrie ten Boom said it best:


Lord, show me how to recognize worry before it takes over my life.  Help me to see it for what it is: a thief of the joy You have given me. It’s a time waster and I don’t want to waste another moment on something that is so destructive.

Trusting in Him,

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