Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweet Rest for the Weary

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, 
and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28


It’s a really crazy time in my life right now as I balance too many classes in school, painting and my favorite of all, my ministry Trust in the Lord. Add grandchildren, social events, church, Bible Studies and general life obligations and I wonder when I will be able to rest, fully rest. Thankfully, the Lord created us to need rest in the form of sleep, and for that I am grateful for my bed, pillows and comforter. I can recall at times saying I wish I didn’t need to sleep so I could get more accomplished and yet realize now that the rest we need is an amazing gift from the Lord. He knew that we can so easily over do life and forget to take time out.

In this verse from Matthew, I find a sweet solace, knowing that when I just can’t take another problem or drama in my life, the Lord assures me He will give me rest.  Rest can take many forms besides sleep. Sometimes it’s simply sitting and watching the sunset like I did this afternoon. The Phoenix skies were cloudy so we had a magnificent color filled sky.  I thanked the Lord for the beauty of it and that I could take a little time to enjoy it.

Jesus doesn’t call attention to the strong, but to the weary and the burdened. In the same way, I realized that when I write my blog, I am often writing to the weary and burdened. Jerry B. Jenkins, a favorite author of mine, says  writers should “Know where your reader is coming from, imagine someone who fits in that audience, and pretend you’re writing to that person alone.” And that is really what I try to do. I want to express my thoughts and dependence on the Lord through my trials and low spots but also share the results of trusting the Lord and the higher ground He has lifted me to so often.

He has lifted me this week out of a deep valley of discouragement with a prodigal daughter and onto higher ground. He has given me a respite from carrying a burden I was not meant to carry alone. Jesus lifted the burden and heaved it onto His strong shoulder and told me to just get some much needed rest.

Sweet, blissful sleep is just a few minutes away.  And I know He will watch over the circumstances in my life.


Give the Lord your own burdens and tell him exactly how you feel. He knows already but by expressing it, you’ll hear your own voice give it all to Him. Then rest in the knowledge that He is in charge.


Thank You Lord for the gentle reminder that I am not created to carry burdens like I have been. Thank You for giving me rest and restoring so many things in my life, bit by bit. 

Trusting in the Lord of my life,


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