Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012 ~ God knows exactly where I am

"You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest. Every moment you know where I am."
Psalm 139:3

Thoughts~ “Okay, we are officially lost” I told my friend as we traveled around and around in the city of Madrid, Spain. Everything looked the same to me and I had jet lag in a bad way. Being foreigners in a strange city is tough and neither of us spoke Spanish well so we felt hopelessly inadequate to find our way to our hotel. Once we did, there was construction going on and we could not figure out where to park. Frustration led to more frustration and we ended up leaving Madrid and went to the next town where we stayed for two days, recovering from our flight and frustration.

With God, I never have to worry about being lost. He always knows the best way for me and as I put my trust in Him, He will also lead the way, charting an amazing journey for me. Because we humans are not puppets, I have the free will option: to listen and follow God’s lead or to go at it on our own. After many attempts over the years of trying to plan out my own route, even as a believer, I now KNOW that the best way to travel through life is with God directing me. I choose His lead ad He never ever lets me down. In the verse the Psalmist says Every moment you know where I am." I love this truth and rejoice that God always knows where I am, so I can’t ever really be lost.

Also, because He knows where I am, I am motivated to be in places He would want to be in. In today’s culture around the world, many people who claim to be Christians have given up their desire to please God fully. They have introduced other things into their lives like horoscopes, new age beliefs, getting drunk, immorality, drugs, stealing, and the list goes on. God knows exactly what each one of us is doing and exactly where we are. Do we please Him with our choices?

Action~ Where are you that you don’t want God to be?
Does your Facebook page show that you love God but also that you are living a lifestyle that a Christ follower shouldn’t be living? Do you glorify God in all you say and do? Do people see your profile and see a person who loves Jesus?

Christians should have fun; we should be joyful and happy. We love and serve a God who created laughter and smiles! But there are places for us that we need to abandon and move into the light, allowing God to show us the way, our path to a completely wonderful relationship with Him.

Pray~ Thank You, Father, for having the very best directions for my life.

Trusting in the Lord,

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