Friday, July 12, 2013

Encouragement for your heart

“…that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”
Romans 1:12

THOUGHTS ~ Vicki is one of my favorite encouragers.  Surprisingly, we have never even met face to face, but have been friends for 3+ years.  A mutual friend, Trish, introduced us and she knew in her heart that we would be close internet friends since we both love and live for the Lord. Vicki and I are active together, on a couple of internet sites where we minister side by side. I love her and can’t wait to spend eternity with her. She’s a true encourager and blesses my heart daily.

I’ve had in-person friendships that were great encouragers but those women have moved out of town, live across town, now go to different churches, are busy with their lives in other ways or even fallen away from their deep love for the Lord. I’m not judging, just saying it how it is. Today, I long for an in-person friend to pray with, to share what we are learning spiritually, and to encourage back and forth. I would love to share the same church and live in the same area. But I am open to God’s direction and provision for this deep need.

ACTION ~ Ask Him. It seems right now, in this season of my life, many of my strongest spiritual friends are either friends in other states or internet buddies, scattered across the world. I trust the Lord for the seasons of my life, just like I trust Him for providing for my every need. However, I am asking Him right now for someone “live” to enter my life where I see His hand in bringing us together.

Prayer ~ Lord, funny that I had read Romans so many times and this verse never jumped out to me like it did yesterday. And my heart said “oh yes.” I’m asking for a friend who will be my “mutual encourager” Lord. Open my eyes as I wait on you to introduce us.

Trusting in the Lord,


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