Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25 ~ Walking with Integrity

The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.
Proverbs 10:9


When I was a little girl I adored lemon meringue pie. Since then, I found I like pie better than cake and cold pie is a wonderful breakfast treat. But back in the 5th grade we had a “Pie Incident” that still goes down in the history of my family.

One weekend afternoon my mother made one of her famous lemon meringue pies; after she and my father had a piece, she slipped it into the refrigerator for desert that evening. With four kids in my family there was always a lot of commotion going on and neighborhood kids were in and out of our home all the time. But the four Capps kids were extra happy that Saturday because we knew that there was pie for dessert.

At dinner time my parents were upset and seemed to be targeting their anger towards me. Someone had come in and scooped all of the meringue off the pie, leaving just the filling. Because I was the #1 pie lover, they assumed it was me, which in retrospect does seem silly since I would have been wise enough to know I would have gotten in trouble.

I couldn’t admit to eating the meringue since I hadn’t, yet my folks didn’t believe me. As punishment, they told the four of us that we must admit to eating it or I could not have my Hobo Party the next month. We huddled in the bathroom, trying to get one another to admit to eating it and no one would. So I took the blame. Hobo parties were worth it to me!

Two decades later we were sitting around the dinner table telling old stories about our childhood and I admitted I had never actually eaten the meringue. Suddenly one of my brothers exclaimed his friend Arthur had told him he had! We all laughed a lot over the memory, but in my heart, I was so happy to know that the culprit had been found out. I lied that day in order to have my party, but, the real meringue thief walked a crooked path of deceit.

Matthew Henry wrote this commentary on the man of integrity:

“He goes on his way with a humble boldness, being well armed against the temptations of Satan, the troubles of the world, and the reproaches of men. He knows what ground he stands on, what guide he follows, what guard he is surrounded with, and what glory he is going to, and therefore proceeds with assurance and great peace.”

It is so much easier on us to tell the truth, to walk securely, knowing we are honest in God’s sight. When we lie, cheat or steal our way through life, we will eventually be found out. Always.


Have you been taken any walks down a crooked path? You can stop right now! God allows U-turns and you can begin a new journey in a secure walk by holding the hand of the One who guides you.


Lord, thank you for showing me the ease and freedom I can have by walking securely with You. I want to be armed and ready to face the world by showing my integrity with a humble boldness. 

Trusting in Him, 

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