Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 3, 2012

So Jesus answered them and said,
“My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me.”
John 7:16

Thoughts ~

When I spend time with the Lord by reading His word, I often flip to Proverbs, Psalms, Acts and other favorite New Testament books. Recently God impressed upon me to study the Words of Jesus, the “red letter words.” I had never done this, other than general reading of the gospels. I was excited to do this and decided that for my artist and student “left-right” brain, I wanted to create my own journal of Jesus words. I started with Matthew and am barely through the first few chapters. I am recording each verse with colored flair pens and meditating on each one. Jesus did not hold back!

In today’s verse, Jesus pointed to the source of His teaching. He wanted His disciples to know that nothing new came from Him, but, directly from God in Heaven. In the copy cat world that we live in, it’s refreshing to me to see how Jesus did not take credit for His words but directed everything back to His Father.

As I read and record Jesus words each morning, I am understanding with new insight just how outspoken and confident the Son of God was. On Trust in the Lord (Facebook) I’m making a new graphic each day called “And Jesus said” which is also helping me share with the fans of the page the wisdom of the Lord.

My hope is by the end of the year I will have read and understood everything Jesus said. While Paul and others in the New testament were strong and God inspired, there is something “up close and personal” about getting to know the truth directly from the Son.

Action ~

I encourage you to read the red letters in your own Bible. There is no need to journal like I am but simply read what He has to say. It will change your heart in many ways. Jesus doesn’t give suggestions. He gives to do’s that challenge us to become more Christ-like. Start with Matthew and read one chapter a day. Let me know sometime how it impacts your life, okay?

Pray ~

I’m so glad, Lord, that You gave us Your word, Your love letter to all of us. Fill us with wisdom and knowledge, that we may apply it to our lives.

Trusting in Him,

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