Friday, June 22, 2012

June 23, 2012 ~ Having a Bad Day?

The road of the faithful turns away from sin. He who watches his way keeps his life.
Proverbs 16:17


 The other day someone asked me if I ever had a bad day and I burst out laughing! Of course I have and will again. I will admit that I tend to look at life through happy rose colored glasses and see the drinking glass as completely full: with water and air to sustain me.

But bad days do come and I detest them with a passion. However, I’ve learned never to make a major decision on a day when life has unloaded a truck full of eggs in my driveway.  I’ve also learned that most of the time the next day brings fresh new insights and my happier outlook is restored.

I choose to simply live the life that I know God wants me to live and put one foot in front of the other, making sure I turn away from sin. A bad day can cause sins of the tongue and mind to escalate.  Because His word is tucked into my heart, I know what He expects of me and what He does not expect of me.  I watch myself carefully on a bad day; when you have a bunch of eggs rotting on the front porch, that’s a time you must beware of stepping in them and making a bigger mess.

But what is the cause of the egg launch? It’s usually something that takes a person by surprise when a bad day pops into our life. I’m not referring to clinical depression; just one of those rotten days that you can’t wait to put behind you. Christians are not exempt from these bad days but we can handle them wisely when we remember to pray and ask God to watch over our steps.

I took a little poll and here are a few of the things that caused bad days to materialize. Some are serious, others funny.

*Bad news
*Overdue bills
*Out of coffee
*Marriage problems
*Dog had an accident that your foot found
*IRS audit
*Dropped a brand new jar of mustard
*Toxic people
*Health issues
*Car accident
*Kids pranked us and turned off water while I was showering
*Horrible drivers
*Congested traffic
*Bathroom scale


I’m sure you can add to the list above and some of yours may make you grin. Most aren’t probably funny at all so when you’re having a bad day, just remember it will be over soon.

You’ll soon be laughing when you go to Google image search.  Type in “bad day.” Some are a little wacky but I made a mental note to return if I find myself in need of a mental pick me up. (I am not endorsing these sites, just the ability to laugh at some other bad days that might make yours seem a little better than you thought.
***The primary action for a bad day is this:  Do not neglect talking to the Lord about it. I don’t keep track of bad days in a notebook like I do so many other things, but I am very aware when I sense the gloominess being lifted, perhaps by my prayer or the prayers of a faithful friend.


Lord, You see this really bad day I’m having.  Help me to look at You and not the circumstances of my life. Lift my spirit Lord. Draw me close to You.

Trusting in Him,

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  1. I have been reading your daily posts for a few weeks but have never commented. What a wonderful post! I makes all the difference in the world if we keep our eyes looking up when going through a challenge,pain,or hurt. It is a choice. Just because one chooses joy doesn't mean they don't have a bad day!