Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012 ~ Our guard and protector

For He guards the course of the just and protects the way of His faithful ones.
Proverbs 2:8


As I was leaving the congestion of the airport terminal yesterday, a bus nearly rolled over the car I was driving. The first word to pass my lips was not a prayer, but, an exclamation of sheer terror. Had I sneezed or even glanced to my left I would have been run over by a negligent bus driver who seemed to think the road was his and everyone else needed to get out of his way.

God’s guardian angels certainly protected us, perhaps squeezing themselves in between the car and the bus, making sure I was paying attention to the road and not my passengers.
Because I chose to give my heart to God, I know that no matter what happens, He is in charge of my life. Today was a day of protection. He was not ready to take me home yet.

What a wonderful assurance to know that the God of the Universe makes sure we are protected because we are His children, His faithful ones. Sometimes God does allow circumstances to happen where we are called home. But even then, He was in charge of the situation and that person’s time on earth was over and their new home in Eternity is about to begin.  When I think about my Dad, grandparents and friends who have already gone to heaven because they know the Lord, I know they are waiting to see me when it’s my time. What a great reunion we will have. However, for now, I am under God’s protective wing and nothing takes Him by surprise. Not even a bus.


Think about the times God has protected you with gratitude. Are you aware, truly aware, of the times He has kept you from harm? Like me, it may be the large circumstances like a bus closing in on you or a near drowning at age 7 that you remember the most. But there are countless times in every day that God is protecting you.  He has given you a guardian angel to watch over you; one whom you will one day meet! For now, rest assured you are being protected because of your love for Him.


Today, Lord, I thank You for Your protection. And I thank You for all the times you made sure I was safe, even when I am not aware.

Trusting in Him,


  1. This morning it would seem that the enemy was trying to work overtime in my area. It was one of those mornings that I found it hard to pray, I found it hard to call out. My mind was bombarded with thoughts that I was fighting to turn away and rebuke. This was just me, and I cried out for GOD to help me to free me. It was full on battle for me this morning, and I must admit that I had already been weakened as my house has been under attack for over a week it seems.
    Then as I was leaving to walk my daughter to school, I had a man trying to force his way into my apartment building to buy his drugs. We have a woman living here who is a blatant prostitute and heroin dealer. I live in a not so nice neighborhood. We do not allow her "clients" to come into our building, as we are tired of the influence that it displays for the children, the danger that it places on all of those living here, and the flat out aggressively chaotic spirit of Jezebel that follows her around. Well this man was very offended and began cussing at me and attempting to coax me into a fight. I said "GOD BLESS YOU SIR!" and with full faith saying in my heart "Father I trust Your Word that I am safe." I turned my back to him and took my nine year old's hand and we walked to school.
    When I returned home, my manager and a neighbor were sitting outside and said "You know we were standing right there." Honestly I didn't even know they were there!
    Glory! I can do nothing but PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! for watching over us as He does, we are truly blessed and I make sure that I remember this always. But on days like this, I can definitely attest to the WORD of GOD as TRUTH!

  2. What a wonderful testimony of God's protection over you!!!! I love how you called out His word to the man!!