Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6, 2012 ~ All of Him for all of me

You, Lord, are forgiving and good,
    abounding in love to all who call to you.
Psalm 86:5

Today the word “all” was constantly in my mind and in my heart. Three little letters that encompass everything that God stands for:

He loves us all. 
He offers forgiveness to all.
He is there for us in all things.
He gives all of Himself through Jesus.
He asks for all of our heart and all of our mind.

God doesn’t want a part of us. He wants it all.  And I have, and will continue, to give it all to Him. Not a half, third or even three fourths of myself: all. He is such a magnificent designer, taking all of my trials, sins, and experiences to blend them together to create a testimony that brings glory to Him. All of me for all of Him.

The “allness” of the word all staggers my mind. What if God didn’t abound in love for all who called on Him? What if He had selective love? What if he turned his nose up over the homeless man who hadn’t had a bath in weeks or the teenage girl with dozens of piercings on her eyebrows, nose and mouth? What if God didn’t offer His all to humankind but only to those that brushed their teeth and combed their hair, looking presentable?

Thankfully, He is the God of All. What a tender teacher He is. I fail often and yet He still takes those failures and reminds me to give Him my all, love all, and share the good news about Jesus with all those He brings into my path.

If I were a jeweler I would sit at my work bench and hammer out a silver pendant that says all. What a conversation starter that would be to wear around my neck! Yes, God has an amazing unconditional “allness” and I want to mimic Him.


What are the all’s in your life that you give to God? What areas are you withholding? Is it a matter of not trusting Him fully or is it a matter of you thinking you don’t want to bother Him?

He wants your all. Everything!


I am humbled, Lord, in Your all loving and all forgiving Spirit. Forgive me when I hold back from You and teach me to give it all up to you.

Trusting in Him,

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