Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 22, 2012 ~ Jesus: Always the Same

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

When we are accused of being old fashioned, set to rigid standards and not “with the times”, it’s best to quote Hebrews 13:8, smile and walk away. The battle is not worth it.  The accusers are listening to the lies of the enemy and his evil whisperings. Go about your business and continue trusting in the Lord and His word.

I was accused several times lately of not staying caught up with the modern world. WHAT? I have an appearance of today’s modern woman so I was confused. And then I was hit with full impact which made me feel so sad for the accuser. Pity actually was my first thought.

Certain people believe that the word of God is outdated and that I am too. And rather than defend a single thing, I quoted Hebrews 13:8 and walked away. I do not have the energy or time to spend defending God’s word to someone who is justifying their sin and their actions by saying His word is outdated.  They don’t really want to know the truth. They like to believe those lies they hear.

Jesus is the same. Always and forever. Past, present and future. He is neither trendy nor old fashioned.  He is not fickle like we humans can be. He is who He is. The Son of the Almighty God.

Likewise, God’s word is the same. He does not change His mind about things He prompted the authors of the Bible to write about and ask someone to re-write it. The Holy Spirit inspired the authors in the past and His word should stand firm in the mind of every believer. His word should be our standard.

I will be so bold to say that if anyone takes away from His word and claims it’s old fashioned, they are liars. We must commit to keeping God’s word as the truth.

We must never tell anyone that Jesus Christ and God’s word is not applicable for today.


Are you aware that there is something you are doing or saying that is not in line with what the Lord has to say in His word?

Stop right now and confess to the Lord that you are sorry for your actions or/and words and that you will turn around, heading straight back to the full truth of who Jesus Christ is and what the Bible has to say.

Sometimes He may prompt you to confess to another believer too.  I know that is really hard . . . but if you have caused them harm in any way, you need to ask for forgiveness. God will give you the words.


Thank You Lord for forgiving the way we mistreat Your Holy Word.  Convict us when we think we know better. Forgive us when we think that Jesus is not the same as He has always been and always will be.  Create in us a clean heart that keeps true to Your word.

Trusting in Him,

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