Friday, November 30, 2012

December 1, 2012 ~ DAY 1: 25 Days of Giving our Hearts

The free gift of God is 
eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

THOUGHTS ~ Christmas time is not joyful for many people.  Some are lonely, some are depressed, some are financially strapped, some are sick and many dread this time of year for reasons we are not aware. We can all make a difference during this beautiful season that we celebrate the birth of Jesus by giving our hearts through God’s love. Not as a “feel-good activity”, but as a way to draw people to Jesus. I have a proposal for you.

Let's join together for 25 days of giving our hearts though God's love! After all, God gave us His heart with the free gift of salvation through His Son Jesus. There will be no or little cost unless you feel led to purchase something along the way as part of your sharing. On Facebook I will be posting a suggestion for “heart giving” the night before the actual day and here on the Daily T.A.P. it will be my focus. You are free to print out any graphic heart I share but that is kind of pricey so my suggestions will be things you can do or make at home. I hope you are blessed immeasurably as you share your heart through the love of Jesus. And if you have stories to share, please do, either here or on Facebook at

I have found over the course of 2012 that God often uses me to say just what is needed to someone, whether in person or on my ministry pages. And He has used my readers to encourage me at just the right moment too! I know He will use the little gifts of our heart to do the same, to encourage people through the gift of God’s love through Jesus. Join me in making a small difference . . . hopefully an eternal one.

ACTION ~ Day One: Write “Jesus is the reason for the season” on slips of paper, or hearts you cut out and place them under windshield wipers, leave with your generous restaurant tip, hand them out where you can, wherever you go. On the other side write “Merry Christmas - God loves you” and list Romans 6:23. You could add a sticker to make it festive too. I walked through a complex placing some hearts on bushes, as through the wind had carried them there and it was fun to watch people discover them. Some smile and save theirs, some leave it for someone else. Some toss it down but someone else soon found it.

PRAY~ Father as we make plans to give our hearts through your love, show us opportunities to share the joy of Jesus.  May these little heart gifts draw people towards you. Amen.

Trusting in the Lord,

(hint: You can do this every day or add new ways to share your heart all month)


  1. Becky ~ You are truly a Godsend! When I read the first few sentences above, I thought "This is me...." But no, I'm going to focus on the Lord and join you in this incredible way to glorify GOD and the gift of JESUS! God Bless you!

    In His Service,

  2. A great idea, Becky! It will keep our focus on the REAL reason for Christmas, which is to celebrate the wonderful gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Sometimes the simplest but most meaningful gift is just to give a smile to someone you pass on the street or in the mall. You never know what a smile will do to lift someone's spirit. Let me share an example with you:

    Years ago, a little girl who was about 10 or 11 at the time, smiled at an elderly woman as they passed each other in a dime store. The lady grabbed the girl by the arm and said, "Little girl, you are the first person who has smiled at me today." The little girl was taken by surprise and said "Thank you" in return.

    I was that little girl and I have never forgotten that incident. Now I am what some people would consider elderly, although I don't think of myself as old. :)
    Age is relative and you are only as old as you feel. Younger folk sometimes pass off all "old" people as having no importance in this world. Nothing could be further from the truth. We "old folks" have immeasureable experiences to offer. If we will but relate those experiences to younger people at times when the opportunity presents itself, perhaps we can keep someone from making the same mistakes we made in our younger days.
    . . .It's just a thought!

  3. Joanne, I am so glad you decided to participate in the 25 days of giving our hearts through God's love. I want to encourage you in that when life seems bleak, when we do just as you are planning to do, give to others instead of focusing on ourselves, we will find such joy in Jesus!

  4. Marilyn,What a a great story! I agree, age is just a number and it's the way we feel and experience life that is important. We can all share and encourage others in so many ways and your smile made that woman's day!