Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 19, 2012 ~ Day 19: Giving our hearts (to the hungry)

You provided in Your goodness for the poor, O God.
Psalm 68:10

Thoughts ~ Being a single woman is tough for me when it comes to car problems. My stomach does a major acrobatic flip the second I hear an odd noise coming from my car. Not sure why a car brings me to that state of praying for my car but I do. And then the mechanic calmly tells me I need to spend $800 to get it fixed as good as new. And I gulp. I don’t have it. And since learning through a financial class to not use credit cards, I just don’t use them anymore. While laying on of hands on my car doesn’t seem right (joking) I can pray for God to send me extra work so I can get the car repaired. I start making a provision list so I can add it to my journal; this is how God provided my car repair bill. And then I start doodling with numbers: if I sell 100 wooden initials I can pay for it.  Or 200 hearts for Valentine’s day. Or……… and then God stops my mind from fretting and calms me like Jesus calmed the sea.  And I take a huge breath and move on to other matters that are waiting for my attention.

Today’s matter was giving blankets to two homeless men but that didn’t happen since my car decided to act up. However, last week while I was at their regular “corner” a customer from a fast food place drove up and handed them a bag of hot food. I was so touched and so that is my suggested action for day 19 of giving our hearts through God’s love.

Actions ~ When you grab a quick breakfast or lunch, get two and share one with someone in need. Maybe it’s a homeless person or maybe your neighbor who is sick. You’ll know who to give to. And remember that many are hungry for God’s love and His word, even if they don’t admit it. A homeless man told me once that when he is given little pamphlets or books, he reads them because he loves to read so much. Let’s feed some hungry people today . . . whether it’s a meal or a bag of groceries. And while we’re at it, let’s feed them two kinds of food: temporal and eternal. 

Prayers ~ Thank you Father for providing for my every need.  You never fail me and always encourage me with your amazing use of other people in my life. Bring the hungry to us so we can feed them two kinds of food.

Trusting in the Lord,

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