Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 6, 2012 ~ Day 6: Giving our hearts (with a tag)

For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.
Isaiah 9:6

Thoughts ~ Of all the Christmas related verses I think this is my favorite. The absolute wonder of being given a child who would grow up to offer salvation to all who believed.  Not just the Jews but to the gentiles. To all of us. We are the “us” in this verse. Jesus was given to us.  The ultimate gift. A gift we must share forward. We can’t be part of the masses that think someone else will share their faith. It is our privilege to tell about Jesus to all who will listen. It’s not just my job or your Pastor’s or Bible Study leader.  We can all proclaim this most excellent good news! And like the childhood game of tag, I’m tagging you right now. “Tag, you’re it” . . . share the great news of wonderful joy: His name is Jesus!

Action ~ Today’s suggestion (to do all month) is buy some red tags at the dollar store of office supply store. A very simple verse with a great memo is all you need to write on them. I am using a white pen for Jesus name so it stands out. Then tie these to trees, to car doors, to anything (!!!) and everywhere. Yes, some people will toss them away but it will never the less speak to them inside their hearts where God has placed a yearning; many people will be blessed.

Prayer ~ Father God, thank you for giving us Your Son. What a precious gift. I can’t wrap my mind around the awesomeness of Your love sometimes. But I do so thank You so much.

Trusting and thanking the Lord,

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