Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 9, 2012 ~ Day 9: Giving our hearts (with a smile)

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, 
just as you also are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Day 9

Thoughts ~ Tonight my sweet daughter Allie took me out to dinner and a movie and I never opened my wallet.  It was such a blessing to be treated so royally. Her love for me is so encouraging and I am so grateful for this young woman in my life. While I was out with her I practiced genuine smiling. She had no idea I was doing this but before I wrote my blog, I needed to test the gift of smiling at strangers. No grimaces but true smiles with meaning. It was fun to see the response of total strangers. Some were startled and some smiled back. People in large cities just don’t show the friendliness that you find in small towns. I had so much fun I think I will do it again tomorrow.

Action ~ Today is all about free and you can choose your comfort level. You could walk through any place and pass on genuine smiles to people.  To make it fun, you could wear a sign that says “Free Smiles.” You could do this with someone else, maybe a child like my second grandson Michael who likes to smile. What a cheerful way to greet people in a mall, at church, “wherever.”

Pushing this to another degree, you could offer free hugs. I love the people that do this and if you search images on Google, you’ll see them alone and in groups. I have never done this but I want to. I saw a man sitting on a bench one day with a large sign that said “Free Prayer.” He was dressed nicely and the bench was in the open so there was no fear factor for passerby’s who had the desire to stop for a little prayer.  It was amazing. I watched from a distance and thought to myself “will strangers stop for a prayer?” And they did.  In fact, they lined up for prayers. I was so touched. And I want to do this too. It is out of my comfort zone but I want to try this and see what happens. Have you ever done something like this? Share with us, please!

Whatever you choose to give away, give something special from your heart on this 8th day of Giving.

Prayer ~ Thank You Lord for the free gift of salvation.  It cost us nothing and You gladly give it to all who will believe. Amen.

Trusting and giving through the Lord’s love,

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